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Steve Nash trade ideas

Perhaps in response to Nash (through his agent) asking for a raise as part of a two-year extension along with his desire to "sign off" on the Suns off season plans before making a commitment to stay in Phoenix at all, we've had two Nash trade ideas proposed by readers.

The problem I have in general with Nash trade ideas is similar to the issue with Amare. With only one year left under contract the Suns can certainly trade Nash but there would be no guarantee that he would stay beyond next season with his approval of a sign-and-trade. This limits what teams would be willing to give up in return for him.

At this point, I think it's too soon to consider trading Nash. Let's see how the negotiations play out over the summer. That said, it is Saturday so why not discuss these ideas...


Nash to Portland

The first proposed idea sends Nash to Portland for Jerryd Bayless and Travis Outlaw. This is a very well crafted idea by a new member to our community Ryan Greyslak.

The problem as Blazer fan and regular commenter Norsktroll from Blazers Edge points out is that Nash is a bad fit in Portland. On the surface one would think that a veteran point guard would be exactly what the Blazers need to get to the next level. Someone to run that offense and get the ball to Roy and Aldridge and take the pressure of Brandon to create everything for himself.

All true. The problem is that Nate McMillan is a defensive oriented coach who runs one of the slowest, most controlled offensive systems in the league. We saw how well Nash did with that under Porter. So, unless Nate was willing totally change his style of play for a point guard that might give him 2 or 3 good years then this one is a non-starter.

Nash to Houston

The other idea proposed by another new member Kilowatt sends Nash to Houston for some combination of Aaron Brooks, Kyle Lowry, Carl Landry, and/or Ron Artest through sign and trade.

Again, nice idea in that the Suns could get back some very nice players but Nash isn't a good fit in Houston either. As Tom Martin from The Dream Shake points out in the comments, Brooks is just getting started in his career and was pretty darn impressive in his first playoff appearance. Remember Tony Parker at that age? It takes time and I don't see the Rockets giving up on Brooks who could be their guy for a long long time in return for Nash.

The thoughts of Kyle Lowry and Ron Artest for Nash isn't bad but again, I don't see it happening. The Rockets are a team that prides itself on defense. Nash is...well we all know what I am going to say next so let's just move on.

Lowry for the Suns would be a solid backup but a back court of Lowry and Dragic is not going to get it done and most importantly the Rockets want to keep Artest. They need Artest given how unreliable T-Mac's health is.


Nice ideas guys. Appreciate the thought and effort but I have to say that neither of these seem like doable trades to me.



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