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Alright Suns fans - get out your conspiracy hats. This season was supposed to be about Kobe vs. LeBron, MVP vs. MVP, former greatest player in the world vs. now greatest player in the world and until the Conference Finals started it appeared the two were on a collision course. Nike jumped on board with their MVPuppets, VitaminWater couldn't wait to bring out "The Great Debate" and everyone was giddy over the fact that we were going to find out in a winner-takes-all steel cage death match between Kobe and LeBron in the FInals. Now, with the Cavs down 3 - 1 and looking like they are not going beat Orlando and LA looking vulnerable against Denver, is it time for the L to intervene and make sure at least 1 if not both of THEIR teams makes it? Does Stern go with his man Bavetta and give Crawford power to eject any Nugget who smiles at him wrong? What do you guys think? Any chance that Stern allows the Nuggets to win a fairly called game tonight?

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