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The refs are part of the game

In a perfect world ever play would be called correctly. There would be no blown calls. A foul would be a foul regardless of who or when it occurred or didn't occur and the teams with the best records in the regular season would advance to the finals.

Is that really what you want from sports?

Sports is unpredictable and around this time in the basketball season, highly emotional. But let's not pretend that perfection is possible or even what we want. This game is played too fast and with too much contact to ever imagine a world where getting it right every time is going to happen.

The guys with the whistles are part of the game and they are what separates what we watch on TV every night and what goes on down at the local playground. Ok, maybe there's a slight difference in talent level too.

Get mad at blown calls just like you get mad at blown plays. It happens. And remember that it really is the rare case where the referee decided the outcome of the contest. I am pretty sure that LeBron still had to hit those two free throws with .5 on the clock to tie the game and I am fairly confident that Dahntay Jones tripping Kobe didn't cause the 18 rebound advantage for the Nuggets.

Yes, the calls could be more consistent and it certainly would be less frustrating if that were the case. I choose to watch the games for what they are and not for what they could be.

The only conspiracy going on is the league foolishly pretending that there's never a mistake made. They would be much better off embracing the imperfection that makes sports human and drop all this nonsense about even more instant replay use.


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