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Updated: Mercury news coming from New York

On Monday there will be a "major" announcement regarding the Phoenix Mercury coming out of New York. David Stern, the commissioner of the NBA is rumored to be attending along with WNBA commissioner Donna Orender.

The Mercury won't yet say what this is about but clearly anything being announced in New York and involving the commissioners is going to be big.

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[Note by Phoenix Stan, 05/31/09 2:47 PM MST ]

Well, that was anti-climatic but you have to hand it to the Suns/Mercury web team for generating a decent amount of hype for what is essentially a sponsorship deal.

The follow screen shot graphic is from a google search and links back to a June 1 edition of Ad Age Magazine that might have been released early or was otherwise picked up by google ahead of tomorrow's official announcement.


In an email to season ticket holder this was described as "the biggest news in the history of the franchise". So far, that appears to be a bit of hyperbole but of course all the details aren't known yet.

The key bit of news so far seems to be the first use of a corporate sponsor on the team jerseys which David Stern apparently signed off on. This is common practice around the world where teams are even named after their main sponsor.

It will be interesting to see what the financial terms are and if that impacts the way the club does business. Little things like upgraded travel accommodations could give the team an advantage in signing free agents and the new WNBA CBA "flex cap" system allows teams to spend more then the "hard cap" if they so choose.

We will have to see if this sponsorship deal gives the Mercury a financial edge or simply provides more stability for the team's balance sheet in these difficult economic times which is no small feat.

h/t to Pleasant Dreams and Cheryl's article at Bleacher Report


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