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Ann Meyers Drysdale interview audio

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For those hardcore Mercury and WNBA fans, here's the audio of my sit down interview with Hall of Fame player and Mercury General Manager, Ann Meyers Drysdale.

In this discussion that lasted almost 45 minutes, Ann touched on a lot of things that I wasn't able to write about and hearing the words and tone is far more insightful than I could ever capture with my keyboard.

Warning: there's a lot to listen to here. I tried to edit it down but didn't want to cut much out.

The first segment tracks with the first article and starts with a general question about the purpose of the WNBA. It is always interesting to hear how people respond first to wide open questions like this. Ann then gets into the comparisons between the women's and men's games and talks to the viability of the league.

You can download the part 1 audio here.

Here's the second part of the interview which gets into the specifics of the Mercury and their roster. Included in this is a message to Suns fans and some discussion about the boys.


You can download the part 2 audio here.

Thanks once again to Ann for generously spending this much time with me. And you.

I would love to spend even half this much time talking to Steve Kerr about the Suns season and summer plans. He does a lot of interviews but I always feel like the formats don't allow for enough depth.