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Daily Poll: Round 2 playoffs

Here we go folks. The first round was pretty good huh? Actually, outside of the the Bulls Celtics and the Magic playing some pretty dismal ball, it really wasn't.

Things should get a bit more interesting now.

Nuggets vs Mavs:

Yes, I think this one already started and picking after the barn door has been exited by the horse is a bit like putting the cap on the tooth paste after its been squeezed. Or soemthing like that.

I am not convinced that Denver won't totally melt down at any moment and that alone should be good for two Dallas wins. Dirk will likely shoot their way to a third but that's about it.

Denver is playing very good and their defense has been down right inspirational for us Phoenix fans who used to make fun of 'Enver.

Nuggets in 7

Lakers vs Rockets:

Enough already with the Artest and Batier "locking up Kobe" riff. It's not going to happen. Even if Kobe doesn't average 35 he's still going to win his matchup 5 out of 7 times and that will be enough.

The Rockets only chance is to figure out how to play through Yao but there's no way Phil Jax doesn't have a plan to shut him down just like the Blazers were able to do. Look for a lot of Bynum and Mbenga (yes, him) to keep Yao just busy enough to entice Ron Ron into shooting too much.

Odom and Gasol are matchup nightmares and will be the difference in this series.

Lakers in five

Magic vs Celtics

These are two teams that looked pretty pathetic in the first round. There's no way the C's should have gone to 7 against the Bulls. Of course there's no way they should have gone to 7 agains the Hawks last year.

This time around, there's just too much size on the Magic front line. That said, the Magic share their coaches pesonality which makes them prone to panic and choke at a moments notice. Still, Hedo and Rashad are just good enough to extend the Celtic's defense and Alston is just good enough to only get schooled by Rondo but still manage not to get thoroughly smoked.

If Courtney Lee is healthy and can continue to play well this is a 6 game series. Otherwise, I am picking the Magic in 6 anyway.

Cavs vs ....

Cavs in 5 (only becase that law of averages says they have to drop one somewhere along the line even if the Hawks don't deserve it)

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