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Daily Links: From Ostertag on Ice to ...there's no where to go after that

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Opening tip off

  • 'Net reaction: NBA Finals, Game 4 - Ball Don't Lie - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
    A link to links of reaction to Game 4 where once again late game execution proved to be the difference in winning big games. SVG poo poo'd playoff experience in his post game presser but in the end, the Lakers were better prepared to perform in the clutch. I did like how the Magic refused to make excuses after the game. No ref blaming. No random acts of luck. The Magic got beat and they know it. They will be a better team next year for it.
  • Ridiculous Upside - Where Potential Is Way Cooler Than Reality
    The SBN Mock Draft is under way at RU. So far: #1 Clips - Duh; #2 Grizz - Rubio, #3 OKC- Harden; #4 Kings - Evans; #5 Wiz - Thabeet.....check back often for updated picks over the next few days
  • Ostertag digs hockey, longs for NBA
    "Young teams aren't going to pick me up," Ostertag said. "A veteran team looking for somebody to give them 10-15 minutes, go in there and bang with other guys, that would be the team.". Ice Hockey? Cakes? Greg is a gift from the NBA that won't stop giving. Oh, and perhaps getting slapped by Shaq in 1997 is another reason he's not approached the Suns

Mercury / WNBA


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