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Daily Links: Lakers win. Hedo to opt out. Shaq Shaq Shaq

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Final links

As Ben York tweeted - only 15 more for the Suns to catch up. He's pumped. I'm depressed. But at least there's this...

Suns/Shaq links

  • blogs | PaulCoro: A Suns camp move?
    After a move out of Flagstaff put training camp in Tucson for three of the past four years (2006 was in Italy), the Suns are considering holding camp in San Diego this year.
  • - Gambo: Talking Suns hoops
    Let's clear one thing up right off the bat. The Suns and Cavs haven't talked at all in the last few weeks about a trade involving O'Neal and any belief that a trade is imminent is total BS. It is well known that Gambo is close w/ Sarver. This report seems to be to be an attempt to drive up the price for Shaq which for Suns fans isn't a bad thing.
  • And btw - I am sure you've all seen or read Shaq's post game tweets. Funny stuff about Kobe and his ass tasting but does anyone else find it curious / obnoxious how Shaq managed to insert himself into to the story that had nothing to do with him? Shocking, isn't it
  • Slipper Still Fits Exclusive: Checking in with Austin Daye - The Slipper Still Fits
    With all the speculation about Austin Daye and his draft status, we decided it would be best to go to the man himself. We would like to thank Austin for this terrific interview, and not matter what his decision is, he will makeGonzaga fans proud. - Daye reported that he worked out in Phx

  • STORM: Game at a Glance - Chicago 64, Storm 57
    With the Storm's loss on Sunday, the Mercury are tied for 1st in the West with the Minnesota Lynx. The Mercury and the Lynx hook up in Phoenix on Wednesday. The Lynx play in Sacramento on Tuesday so this should be a favorable meeting for the Mercury and an opportunity to take control of the standings. Should be a good game

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