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Steve Kerr responds to trade rumors, Nash's contract and draft

Steve Kerr was on the Doug and Wolf show on Sports 620 KTAR this morning talking about the key Suns issues.

  • Suns concerned about Blair's knees but they do like him, "he's a good kid"
  • Kerr thinks Blair's stock is dropping but he will still go in the 1st round but it doesn't sound like the Suns will take him
  • "If you're going to win, you have to rebound and defend"
  • Suns have needs at every position given the age of the team's vets
  • Not ruling out taking a PG at 14 - still going to take the best player available regardless of position
  • Not sure Robin Lopez is ready to play more then 25 mpg but still like his future
  • Getting a lot of interest from a lot of teams. Talked to maybe 15 teams but not Cleveland before news came out
  • Suns still need to get money situation straight. Not championship contenders now so need to look at options
  • Kerr going to NY to talk to Nash and his agent. Nash wants to here what the Suns plans are
  • Nash cares about winning and also the "spiritual aspect of the game"
  • Kerr says that the Suns want assets in return for any draft
  • Kerr says that the Suns will draft someone and not sell the pick



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