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Time to put your Mockery where your draft is

Ok, Bright Side of the Sun'ers. We are officially on the clock for the massive (and highly accurate) SBN Mock Draft v2009.

For an update on the draft so far, check in here.

Based on who's off the board, your comments (which I value highly) and leakings from the Suns camp here's the list of guys I think we have to choose from. In random order:

Earl Clark - Clark is a higly athletic tweener stuck with a body that's big enough to play power forward but the mindset of a perimeter guy. He clearly is a skilled player with a lot of tools, but he's not skilled enough to overcome questions about focus and mental and physical toughness. Reading about this guy reminds me too much of Tim Thomas.

BJ Mullins - Might the Suns consider taking another 7fter in the draft? Mullins is described as having great hands and the ability to catch and finish. He has a great NBA body but he's certainly a project and not likely to contribute any time soon. He might be a poor man's Javale McGee.

Ty Lawson - Lawson is likely the best point guard that might fall to the Suns at 14 in this point guard rich draft. He's on the smaller size as PG's go with an Aaron Brooks type build. He had an incredibly successful college career at UNC (don't under estimate Alvin Gentry's affection for NC kids) with a range of offensive skills as the point guard position. He likely would stuggle defensively against bigger PG's but on the flip side is a guy that can push the ball and give his opponent fits. I am impressed with his ability to both drive and finish or get to along line along with his distribution skills. It is hard to see the Suns draft another PG after putting so much into Dragic but if he's the best player available, you take him about worry about it later.

Austin Daye - Daye is another in the recent crop of rail thin 6'10" wing players that show a lot of skill but not much in the way of toughness or ability to play in the paint. He could another Anthony Randolph type or he could be a total bust. He is coming back to Phoenix for a second look this weekend and has reportedly been high on the Suns draft board. My guess is that the Suns won't take him since he's a poor defender and Kerr still does like defense.

James Johnson - If Draft Express says your high-side potential is Ryan Gomes then I am not going to be impressed. At 6'7" and 257lbs, JJ is a short but solid PF with a range of offensive skills. He can face up, shoot the mid-range J, handle the ball and pass. He's also reported to be a guy that lacks focus and doesn't make good quick decisions defensively. Sound familiar?

Terrence Williams - A shooting guard with a reputation as a lock down defender that is strong and athletic. Not known for his shooting or even his finishing ability, TWill reminds me a Dahntay Jones type of player. The Suns certainly could use that type of SG but with JRich, Barbosa and Tucker on the roster this is by far the deepest position and as Dahntay Jones showed, locked down defensive two's and three's that are limited offensively can be had cheaper then the 14th pick

So there you have it. I am leaning hard towards Ty Lawson. What do you all think?

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