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Daily Links: Does everything from Texas smell like cow dung?

Link (Rant) o'Day

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More rumors out of Dallas. You all know what I think about Dallas-based rumors. But this one says Shaq won't go to Big D and oh BTW he was the source of all the Suns chemistry problems last season. I couldn't disagree more but am also not the least bit surprised to hear this crap from from Cuban  Dallas

He had decent numbers last season, but let's face it: if you can't get along with Steve Nash, then something's wrong. And there is considerable evidence that at least some of the Phoenix Suns' internal problems last season could be traced to the turmoil brought forth by O'Neal and all of his Shaq-ness, for lack of a better term.

Because he couldn't get along with Nash? Are you kidding me? That's your " considerable evidence"? Has anyone in Phoenix who's been around this Suns team have any reason to believe that Nash and Shaq didn't get along off the court? Ever?

And I thought bloggers were supposed to be lazy in their writing.

I could go on at Bill Simmons like length about how silly this assumption is regarding Shaq's negative impact on the team chemistry. We can all agree  argue that on the court his size and speed isn't a fit for the run and gun. Fine. We've been saying that since the second his trade to Phoenix was first leaked. But you simply can not with any credibility at all claim that Shaq was a locker room disruption and was the cause of the team's "turmoil" last season.

He didn't hire Porter and he certainly wasn't the player that got him fired.

There are too many on the record quotes from a certain point guard, power forward and shooting guard who's no longer with the team resisting Porter and anything about Porter to blame Shaq. Shaq wasn't the one who half-assed it for a good portion of the season. Is there anyone that watched 82 Suns games that feels like Shaq wasn't giving it his all every night? Can you honestly say the same for Nash and Amare? But hey, his Shaq-ness must be at fault somewhere.

Why on earth btw, would Shaq have any reason to not be on board with Porter's system? The ball went through him! The game was being played at his pace! While on the flip side he had every reason to complain about the switch back to the run and gun or throw his teammates under the bus for not stepping up during crucial late season games and for taking too many outside shots. He didn't. Not once. I expected him too at some point but it didn't happen.

Look, I didn't want Shaq in Phoenix and I am fine seeing him and his MLM scam dissolvable paper things leave town (for the right deal). But don't for a second believe this crap coming out of Dallas. Again.

Because he couldn't get along with Nash? ugh...

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/20/09 6:13 PM MST ]

Oh, look. More stupidity coming from Dallas. Shocking


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