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Draft / Trade Day Open Thread

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For some reason I think it's going to be a busy day. This thread will serve as a clearinghouse for various rumors, thoughts and ideas leading up to and including the actual draft.

If you come across anything interesting today drop a link in the comments

Fun stuff!

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/25/09 5:52 PM MST ]

and the Suns go with..............Earl Clark!

He's an interesting kid. No idea if he's staying in Phoenix but I like it.

IF the Suns end up swapping picks with the Hornets there still could be some nice names available at 21. Lawson. James Johnson? Daye? Teague. Maynor?

It's going to be a long few weeks



[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/25/09 5:43 PM MST ]

I am not sure at all that with everything going on that the Suns 14th pick will stay with the Suns. He could be swapped with the Hornets to make the Chandler deal happen or he could be traded down some other way if the Suns are in fact getting all those bodies from the Warriors. That's just too many players and too many rookies

and Henderson goes to the Bobcats. No surprise there.

Hansbough to the Paces.

Suns on the clock with Holiday still available. Clark. James Johnson. Lawson. Will it matter?

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/25/09 4:35 PM MST ]

With the #1 pick in the 2009 NBA Draft the LA Clippers select...DUH!!!!

Grizzlies on the clock

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/25/09 4:44 PM MST ]

and with the 2nd pick, the Grizz take Thabeet. Safe pick for the Grizz. Don't think he's a player in the long run but the Grizz actually didn't have a lot of options. They should have traded this pick.

Thunder up next. I am thinking they go with...hmmm...Harden but remember that picks being traded can happen all night.

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/25/09 4:50 PM MST ]

Thunder take Harden. No surprise. Great pick. Congrats to James. Go Devils!

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/25/09 4:57 PM MST ]

The Kings go with...Tyreke Evans!

Now this one I don't like. I think that organization needed Rubio

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/25/09 5:01 PM MST ]

Minnie on the double clock. No way they pass on Rubio. What do they do w/ #6? Or do they take Rubio w/ the 6th and draft and trade the 5th? Maybe Curry and send him to NY?

5th pick is Rubio! Now, what do they do with the 6th? They need a wing, why not trade the 6th for Evans or Henderson?

6th pick for Minnie takes Jonny Flynn?? Really? They must be trading this guy. We won't ever be a T-wolf

Up next the Warrior. Could this be it for Amare in Phx?

Warriors take Curry!!! Holy hell!!! I am shocked!!!

Knicks fans booing Jordan Hill. Figures blogs - Coro's Suns dish: In-draft blog
5:20 p.m.: There is a strong possibility that the Stephen Curry pick was made for the Suns. It seems Phoenix was concerned Curry would be taken with one of Minnesota's two picks. We could be looking at an announcement next week that Amare Stoudemire is going to Golden State in a deal for Andris Biedrins, Stephen Curry and some other Warriors players like Marco Belinelli and/or Brandan Wright.

I don't get Curry to the Suns. Another wing scorer to go with Barbosa and Richarson?

and the Raptors take DeRozan. Makes sense for them. They need wing scoring...

MT-2: Stoudemire and Warriors in contract talks, trade pending | Talking Points
Andris Biedrins, Kelenna Azubuike, Brandan Wright, Marco Belinelli and the No. 7 pick to Phoenix for Stoudemire.

That's a lot of talent right there for Amare. Hope this one goes through.

Bucks take Jennings with the 10th! Good pick for them...getting close for the Suns. Henderson, Clark, Blair?


Wow. This draft is nuts. T Will goes 11th to the Nets. Holiday still on the board. Does he fall to 14?


[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/25/09 4:23 PM MST ]

Wow, things are heating up!Going to be an interesting couple of hours...

ESPN reporting on TV the Amare to GSW for Biedrins, Bellineli, Wright and the #7 is one (but not done). I think this is about as good as you could possibly hope to get for Amare. Two young players with upside. A proven young big and the #7. Too good to be true?

  • DraftExpress: Jonathan Givony
    Just spoke to Sergio Rodriguez's agent, Bob Myers. He says he was informed that the trade is done. Portland will likely target Victor Claver at 31, although there is some thought that they could be tempted to take him at 22. Seems cheap for Sergio

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/25/09 3:55 PM MST ]

Mercury-Mystics Preview - WNBA - Yahoo! Sports
Mercury (5-3) about to tip off vs Mystics (4-1) in Washington. Too bad the game overlaps draft and trade day. No Merc coverage here

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/25/09 3:28 PM MST ]

  • Steve Nash Asked for Shaq to Be Traded -- NBA FanHouse
    The trade of Shaquille O'Neal to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday was more than just a contract dump for the Phoenix Suns. "I think he told him (Kerr) that if O'Neal was there, he wouldn't be around much longer,'' said the NBA source who requested his name not be used. "That pretty much sealed it.''
  • Draft Day Open Thread - At The Hive
    6:01 EST- According to a person in the know, Chandler to Suns would probably only go down if the Suns' 14 overall pick were included. Phoenix doesn't appear likely to include that, given their recent history of trading away picks that turned into terrific players. -hmmmm


[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/25/09 1:47 PM MST ]

SUNS: Kerr, Gentry Discuss Shaq Trade
Let the spin begin The fans’ reaction on the message boards and on Twitter has ranged from confused to concerned that this might signal the “blowing up” of the team. How would you address the fans?

Kerr: “Well, this is the first step in establishing the next phase for the Suns. The only way you can do it, as evidenced by all the trades you see these days, is to gain financial freedom or flexibility. So this is just helping us get to the point where we can follow through and put the best team on the floor possible for many years to come. As I said, we made a push here the last couple years to try to sustain the run that we had over those first three years (2004-07), but it’s become apparent to us that it’s time to move forward. Time to push forward and that’s what we’re doing.”

This certainly sounds like the blow up is also seems that any Chandler deal would come after the draft which matches what I head earlier.


[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/25/09 1:07 PM MST ]

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/25/09 12:43 PM MST ]


[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/25/09 11:17 AM MST ]

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/25/09 11:07 AM MST ]

Audio from this morning's Doug and Wolf show on Sports 620 KTAR. Up first is Coach Gentry not talking about the trade and then followed by various ESPN types including Ric Bucher and Jon Barry.

Gentry talks a lot about the need for more defensive players. Reading between the lines...sounds like Earl Clark

Bucher saying that the Suns are wanting to get up to get Jordan Hill and that the Suns are getting calls for JRich. Pick up the phone!

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/25/09 10:28 AM MST ] 

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/25/09 9:52 AM MST ]

A few more draft and trade related links


[Note by Phoenix Stan, 06/25/09 9:46 AM MST ]

Let's kick this off with a recap of what we've heard so far:


  • Paul Coro reported the long rumored Amare to the Warriors for Biedrins and possibly others (Randolf and/or their #7 pick?) is back on the table
  • Our old friend Peter Vecsey says that the same source of his Porter to be fired story is saying the Suns are looking at Amare and Barbosa to the Rockets for T-Mac, Landry and Brooks (yuck)
  • We know Amare in the past has been linked to the Grizzlies but I don't think there's anything new being reported on that


  • The Blazers are rumored to be interested in Nash (but I don't really see why unless they change their system)
  • Rondo's name keeps coming up so it seems that the Celtics are serious about moving him. Could he be packaged with Ray Allen for Nash?

UASun has some other interesting ideas posted here...check them out

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