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New Suns it stands today

With all this movement going on let's just recap who is (and isn't) on the Suns roster...


1. Robin Lopez

2. Ben Wallace (sort of a center and sort of a Sun's "player")

Power Forwards:

3. Amare Stoudemire (still here...technically)

4. Louis Amundson (is not a center)

Tweener Forwards:

5. Jared Dudley

6. Earl Clark

7. Taylor Griffen

Small Forward(s):

8. Grant Hill ??? (Hill is a free agent and can't resign with the Suns until July 8...if he does)

Shooting Guards:

9. Alando Tucker

10. Sasha Pavlovic (until he's cut he's on the roster)

11. Jason Richardson

Combo Guard

12. Leandro Barbosa

Point Guards

13. Steve Nash

14. Goran Dragic


Somehow, I very much doubt that these 14 guys will be on the Suns roster come opening night


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