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Earl Clark's first full radio interview in Phoenix

Here's Earl Clark's first interview on the Gambo and Ash show (without Gambo). Also in this clip is another Kerr interview.  Audio provided by Sports 620 KTAR.

  • Clark sounded tired and...well listen and decide for yourself
  • Kerr also sounded tired. He reiterated that they "took a shot" by taking Clark in that he has star potential
  • Kerr said there's a good chance Taylor could make the team
  • Kerr clarified that what he said last night about a deal with Golden State being "absolutely false" was in response to a question about a deal being done
  • Kerr says that there are talks with GSW as well as other teams
  • Kerr says that the uproar from the Suns draft war room when Flynn was taken and not Curry or Hill was simply an expression of shock. um...ok
  • Kerr said once the Shaq trade went down, lots of teams started calling about many Suns players
  • Kerr said, "we're not good enough to have untouchables on our roster" and once again makes it clear that the Suns are "looking forward" which I take to mean "rebuilding" 
  • Kerr compared Clark to former Suns Cliff Robinson. A versatile power forward. Cliff of course had better range then Earl does now. Let's hope Earl has fewer run-in's with the law

Ed note: I was a bit taken aback by Kerr's comment in this interview that his "absolutely false" remark was directed at a specific question about a deal being done. I went back to the audio from draft night and all I have is his answer. The way it was presented to me was that he was responding in general to the rumors. I wasn't there and I don't have the specific question to know for sure but I did rip Kerr pretty hard over that response in my post this morning and basically called him a liar.

In retrospect, that was over the top. Not having ALL the information I should have held back. I reacted to the information I had at the time and frankly at this point it is not worth trying to find audio of what he was actually asked. I suppose you could fault Kerr for being "Clintonian" in his answer but I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to word choice given how dead tired he looked. Still though my comment was taking in the context of how vehemently Kerr and Sarver denied that Porter's job was in jeapordy just days before firing him. Given that history it was easy for me to assume something here which may or may not have been correct.


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