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The growth of this community

We break from the non-stop trade and draft chatter to go all meta up in here and talk about how far this community of fans has come...

Yesterday this site had close to 14,000 unique visitors which is a single day record by a long shot. For the month of June 09 we are up over 400% from June 08 and the open thread for the draft had over 1000 comments.

A lot of the new traffic comes from our distribution / syndication deals with Yahoo! Sports, Sports Illustrated online, CBS Sports online and KTAR. But while those deals put us out in the world what makes this place great is you and interaction that takes place.

We are not the most trafficked Suns related web site but there is no question in my mind that this is the smartest, most passionate and most respectful community of Suns fans online anywhere. If you doubt that go back and read through the quality of those 1023 comments from draft day.

SB Nation was founded 6 years ago by an Oakland A's fan with a vision of being a place "of, by and for the fans". Over the past few days we've reached and exceed that vision.

SBN blogs around the league are doing amazing work on a daily basis and have been credential by the league to cover every thing from the NBA finals to draft night to the up-coming Summer League and of course the all-star festivities in Phx!

I am excited about the new voices and styles we are bringing to the sports media landscape and I am thrilled to be part of it. But in the end it really does all come down to you.

I put a LOT of time into this web site and believe me, I don't do it for the money. I do it because you all are here everyday making this place an invaluable part of my life.

Thank you for a great season past at least for Bright Side of the Sun if not for the Phoenix Suns. I consider the draft the official kick off to each new season so with that, lets have some fun (even if our team is in complete turmoil as of today and we have no idea what our roster come October will look like).

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