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Daily snap poll: Is Curry the key?

To quickly recap...

The Suns thought they had a deal in place with Golden State that would swap Amare for BiedRins (I can finally spell his name without having to look it up), the #7 pick and a few other nice young pieces (Belinelli and Wright).

Then Minnesota drafted two point guards and Stephen Curry was left on the board and the Warriors took him. The Suns cheered thinking they were getting their guy but the Warriors are backing out. It seems that they didn't except Curry to be available either and now they want to keep him despite not being a great fit with Monta Ellis.

That leaves a deal in principle based around Biedrins, Wright and Belinelli (pending Amare's approval of an extension and the doctor's approval of Amare).

The question is should the Suns do the deal without Curry or Anthony Randolph in the mix?

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