Don't Trade Amare

If the Warriors send us Curry, Bellinelli, Wright and Biedrins, then I might reconsider. Anything less, and I cannot accept this as a sound basketball decision. This is for four reasons:

1. Necessity of a cornerstone - I agree he hasn't lived up to potential, hasn't improved defensively, etc, etc . . . but the very fact that we might get all those players back for Amare proves he's a franchise cornerstone. That's right, I said it! You can absolutely build a team around a guy who goes for 26 and 8 and 1. The nuggets made it to the WCF with Carmelo basically puttting up those numbers. And to everyone who complains about the defense - it's a valid point, but I never want to hear those same people pining for a SSOL team again. The point is to score teams off the floor. There is not a better PF in the game for that, period. Curry and (maybe) Randolph are the only two guys GS has that might prove to be a franchise cornerstone. If you're not getting that in return, you're setting yourself back not just for a few years, but indefinitely, until you find another franchise guy. The Bulls waited what, 10 years? No thanks

2. the BFD factor - basically, when it comes to Biedrins, Wright and/or Bellineli, my point is: BFD. You cannot build a team around Biedrins - he's at best the 4th best player on a championship team. I don't even like Lopez, but I see no reason he can't get there in two or three years. Same thing with Wright - we might of well just drafted Austin Daye. He has shown no signs of realizing his "potential", and while I like Bellineli (but can't spell his name), talk about massive overkill at the 2 position.

3. 2010 - Everyone is saying Amare might leave in '10; one, in no way is that a given. If you just look at the hesitency of teams trying to trade for him, there's no reason to believe 10 teams will be throwing max contracts at him. Second, if he walks, I would 100% honest to god rather have that 20 million to throw at Bosh or Wade than have half of it tied up in freakin Biedrins.

4. TRADE FOR CHANDLER - Chandler is every bit the player Biedrins is. No, not as young. But everyone here has commented how ironic it is we are trading Amare for Biedrins, when Biedrins is really good to us as someone to play next to Amare. Well screw that! Let's put someone next to Amare! If it doesn't work, I'm 100% sure we can shop Chandler at the next draft, since he'll only have one year on the contract, Billy Bean style.