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Shaq and Amare trade rumors updated

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Shaq is trade so why are we still talking about him? Because he's unleashed the first of what promises to be many more "tell all" interviews. The first is his revelation to's Ian Thomsen that Kerr approached Shaq about being traded to the Trailblazers at the deadline in February. Shaq, according to Thomsen nixed the deal.

The Blazers for their part deny having interest in Shaq (and for good reason) but now we have secondary confirmation from Paul Coro. It seems odd that Portland would have considered this but at the time Blazer's Edge made the for the deal.

On the Amare front, we now hear from his agent Charles Grantham that he's not talked to any team about an extension. He seems to be looking for the Suns to make a move:

"Either he's in or out," Grantham said Sunday while in Phoenix "You're going to have to really make a commitment to him that he's part of your program going forward and that you're going to work around him. Those decisions seemingly are still up in the air. They are going to have to be made at some point. You'll have to talk about either committing to him or trading him"

Sports 620 KTAR has interviews with two knowledgeable sources on both topic. First Ian Thomsen himself talking about what Shaq told him and then San Jose Mercury New's Tim Kawakami talking about things with Golden State. Both are interesting interviews, have a listen.


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