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Daily Links: Nash paints, Shoals chides and DeJuan's 12%

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Suns links

    Shaq using twitter to spread the love to former teammates Kobe and Cheap Shot Bob
  • - Gambo: Amare will be dealt
    Gambo has his ideas about where Amare should go...
  • - The Baseline
    Bethlehem Shoals chides us all for playing the trade rumor game and takes the stuffing out of KTAR. 
    "For the record, this trade scenario makes so little sense, on so many levels, I don't want to dignify it with analysis. The real story is that apparently, we've all become such Trade Machine junkies,"
  • Steve Nash - Artist painter
    Steve's wife Alejandra co-directs a short film "Unleashing Creativity" which features Nash painting and talking to Carlos Santana. The premiere is at a "hip Chandler location" this Friday. Tickets are $50 and benefit a great organization that I've worked with before - Free Arts of AZ

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