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Daily Links: Nash's top ten reasons why Dwight only has one post move

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Suns Links (not much going on)

Finals related links

  • - The Baseline
    Pau Gasol not soft? It certainly helps that he's matched up against even more of a "finesse" player in Rashard Lewis.
  • L.A. HELD HOMECOURT; LET’S DO THE SAME " The Official Dwight Howard Blog
    "Their defensive plan against me in the post has been really good. Phil Jackson is a smart, smart coach. I’m not saying the coach from Cleveland isn’t, but the way they’re using their bigs on the defensive end has been a little tricky for me." - No shit Dwight. You have one post move you use every time. Did you think that they weren't going to stop that. Oh, and it is real easy to double team you when Rafer Alston can't shoot the ball.
  • - The Voice Of Celtics Fans: THE shirt for Orlando Magic fans!
    We made a little tweak to our normal "Losers" shirt to take a shot at Kobe. You can get this shirt in our store right now... and still have it in time to wear for a home game against LA....(this would be better if the Magic weren't down 2-0)

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