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News Flash: the Blog War is on


We've been quite polite these past weeks as we have endured the infestation of a number of Dubs trolls.  Some of them have been polite and interesting.  Some have been so obnoxious that they've even been banned from the SB Nation Warriors Blog, Golden State of Mind. I like the trolls, they make laugh and liven up the discussion with their hopelessly hopeful views about the future of their team.

And truth be told, I love what the Dubs did to Dallas, love the wild west run-and-gun and the stellar community over at GSOM.

However, enough is really enough

I find it humorous that they think they can disrespect our team better than we can.  We diss our team everyday, for years.  We dress down everyone from owners, mgmt to bench hopefuls.  Leave the dirty work to the pros.   What troll or casual Dubs fan can insult our team better than we do?  Reading their naive, juvenile criticisms is laughable. 

(I have to confess, dissing Steve Kerr as "one of the worst writers in the history of Yahoo! Sports" was a masterstroke beyond anything I have ever dreamed to say about him, although it could have been even better if AR4 had said "THE worst writer in the spotty early history of Yahoo! Sports" - Kudos there, AR4!)


I don't know which is more pathetic, that the Suns prestige has fallen so low as to receive gleeful criticism from the likes of casual Golden State Warriors fans, or Warriors fans who's team has been rolling in the NBA equivalent of a Pontiac Fiero for the past 15 years and are now happy because someone else's Aston Martin is broken.  Sure both cars are sporty... sort of...


"Ha ha!  Your Aston Martin is broken!!" Dubs fans are gloating.

"But dood, you are still driving that same Pontiac Fiero for the past 15 years...." I say

"I'm saving for a Aston Martin...someday...maybe.... I wish...   Ha ha!  Your Aston Martin is broken!!" they say.


I don't even know how to reply to that logic.  =D


Now, while you need not my encouragement, dear friends and suns fans, I give you free license to go over to GSOM and disabuse them of their misconceptions.  I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. You must be wise as snakes and as innocent as doves. 

I do give you some warnings, however - they run a tight ship at GSOM.   Without question, the bloggers that run GSOM are class acts, true NBA fans and by and large it is a outstanding community that does not suffer fools gladly, even if those fools are Dubs believers.    Here's a few tips for trolling GSOM:

  1. Actually READ what was posted before replying
  2. No damn swearing of any kind or you'll be warned/banned
  3. USE correct spellgni, punctuation!,., CaPITaLiZaTiOn and grammars or ur post will be hiddenz
  4. No name calling!  (You have to be more clever or obtuse about it - try "Some people might think that any fan who believes Stephen Curry can overcome Nellie's atrocious coaching to produce a perennial playoff team has had too many bud lights." or "My opinion is that your opinion is about as valid as that of a rotten vegetable in the garbage disposal." or "I feel that you are as smart as the love children of Kevin McHale and Isiah Thomas."  I learned in my relationship classes that you can say anything you want as long as you say "I feel..." first.)
  5. Don't be dumb! nuff said.

If you feel the need to correct a troll on BSotS, help yourself, they are second class citizens.  If you piss them off, I'll rec your post.  You can dispense with rulez 2 and 3 and even rule 1, but the otherz stillz applyz. 

And remember, the Suns are trying to do something different.  It may not work and its a hard road.  So what at least they aren't complacent.   The Dubs aren't trying to do anything different.  If anything, the Dubs are trying to relive the past with players of the future.  The only problem is the past didn't involve a lot of wins.  If they want to be a West Coast power, Nellie has to go.



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