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Warriors To Trade For Boozer instead of Amare?

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ESPN's Ric Bucher is reporting a rumor that the Golden State Warriors might be after Carlos Boozer.  As our good friends over at Golden State of Mind break it down, it's a long shot, but one that Suns fans who want to keep Amare Stoudemire around should hope comes through.

So, please, do your part to send a message to Golden State's front office (who, like Steve Kerr and Robert Sarver base ALL personnel decisions on online blog polls).  Head on over to Golden State of Mind and cast your vote for Carlos Boozer as a better fit for the Dubs.

And remember, if you're going to leave a comment, too, please be respectful of GSOM's rules and regulations.  The only thing worse than an opposing team's troll on our site is one of our own getting ugly on someone else's.