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Summer League Open Thread: July 14th

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Due to yesterday's technical snafus and my general hyper-panic about them, I didn't get to see much ball beyond the Suns. Today will be different. Here's the line up:

3:00 PM PT New York Knicks Memphis Grizzlies

3:30 PM PT Washington Wizards Cleveland Cavaliers

5:00 PM PT Golden State Warriors Chicago Bulls

5:30 PM PT Los Angeles Lakers Oklahoma City Thunder

7:00 PM PT Denver Nuggets San Antonio Spurs

7:30 PM PT Los Angeles Clippers New Orleans Hornets    


Who do you want to hear more about?

Some quick observations off the cuff from the bit I did see ...

  • I liked Jonny Flynn. He's more of a true point guard than Evans or Curry and looks great out there running the team. He's still a rookie and made mistakes but he's got a lot of upside
  • Cartier Martin -- who played in Iowa last year before getting picked up by the Bobcats -- looks good. Solid bench guy
  • Tyreke Evans, as has been said before, is a massive specimen of a man. Unfortunately for the Kings, I am not sure (snap judgment) that he's enough of a point guard to play next the Kevin Martin. He also got tore up by Jennings' pressure a few times b/c he lacked the foot speed to get by. Strong and can finish, though, and a fun player to watch
  • I didn't see the Clippers, but will tonight
  • I caught a few glimpses of Brent Petway. They call him Air Georgia for a reason, but there's also a reason he's not in the NBA. But, he could be some day
  • Omri Casspi was very popular with the local Jewish fans, but didn't play in crunch time for the Kings
  • The T-Wolves got beat by a more aggressive and hungry D-league Select team. I wish that meant they got demoted to the minors like it does in Euro leagues

I should have lots more to say after today (like it or not)

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 07/14/09 12:55 PM MST ]

Paul Coro just posted some nice observations from watching the game online. Good stuff. I really didn't get as good a view of this game as I would have liked. I was baseline, which is where the tables are in the Cox gym and I was honestly flustered with my failed equipment and fussing with it non-stop. Next game I am going to position myself better and probably will forego any live blogging. I lack the skill to focus enough on the game in live speed and post updates at the same time.

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 07/14/09 2:20 PM MST ]

Arrived early and had a chance to talk to Mike D'Antoni. He was chilling in the stands with his son while the Knicks warmed up. He had a paperback in his hand (for that added vivid detail to the story)... I asked him about Jordan Hill, missing out on Nash and Hill and about Shaq leaving Phoenix and if he had any regrets about bringing Shaq to Phoenix in the first place. Answers were predictable but listen for yourself.


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