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Game Thread: Summer Suns vs Vegas Raptors

Suns are about 2 hours away from tipping off their second game against the Raptors summer squad.

No word yet if Dragic will play against two of the better known point guards he might face here: Quincy Douby and Roko Ukic. Earl Clark should play.

The front court match ups will be interesting, with Lopez going against Patrick O'Bryant, who is big and has some NBA experience in Golden State and Boston. He didn't play much in either place, but he at least should be a better test for Robin than the Dallas centers.

In their last game -- a win over the Blazers -- the Raptors started 6'11" 270lb Paul Davis at power forward. He logged 20 minutes in that game. If the Suns start Clark at PF as expected, this will be a very interesting test for him against a guy who's much, much bigger. The other Raptors front court player that will test Clark is the highly athletic Brent Petway. "Air Georgia" is a former D-league dunk contest winner and defensive player of the year. Petway is an experienced player who will certainly test the young Clark.

I don't know yet if Tucker will play in this game, but I hope he does or DeMar DeRozan might go off for 30.

Steve Kerr, David Griffin and Alvin Gentry are up in the stands watching the Bulls/Bucks game which precedes the Suns.

And hey, our own Mike Lisboa just arrived and sat down next to me! Hi Mike!

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 07/15/09 4:42 PM MST ]

I stalked Steve Kerr in the lobby and talked to him for a few minutes about the talks with Nash's agent, Bill Duffy, the progress of Amare's eye, and seeing Earl play today.

This was a little interesting on Amare's eye situation: He said, "Amare's not out of the woods yet. He's got to be disciplined the next few days and follow the doctor's orders and keep his head down."

No news on the Nash front. Nothing's changed, although Bill Duffy is here.



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