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Random Links of the Day, or, How to Spen our Money

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From Amare's tweet, 7/16/09:

"There is a New Way to Spen Money" ITS FREE!!Log onto It's a prepaid debit card. No late fees an No over Drawn fees."  Amare, aren't you supposed to be lying face down somewhere to let that eye drain? Oh, maybe you can tweet in that position.


With PHX Stan in Las Vegas boozing it up with a handle in his hand closely reporting on the Suns Summer League games, I thought I'd take his spot in tossing out some random links of the day:


  • Here's Paul Coro proving that the Suns are not a Franchise of Old Men, with supporting quotes from Mr. Kerr.
  • Here's a link with more evidence that Donald Sterling may be purposely trying to lose NBA games along with Lamar Odom doing a slightly pathetic PR routine, and more from an ESPN round up.
  • More support from Woj that the Clips will guarantee the Suns don't ever end up in last place.
  • Let's hope if and when Boozer goes it's to the Eastern Conference.
  • And as part of the government's new stimulus package, Sun Tzu has been hired to help us all find a new way to "spen" our money. Of course you must be 18 to apply. I'd like to add to  Mike Lisboa's recommendations a spell check for Amare, that is unless, "spen" is part of a new lingo I don't yet comprehend. Oh, and I do love you Sun Tzu, we all gotta laugh at ourselves, no?

I'll chek the Urban Dictionary later.

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