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Suns look to push the tempo in next game

The most disappointing aspect of the Suns loss to the Raptors on Wednesday was the lack of pace. The team didn't feel that they saw "Suns ball" so in the next game Friday against the 2-0 D-League squad we should see a different approach.

To keep things rolling look for Taylor Griffin to play more power forward while Earl Clark shares time at center with Robin Lopez.  Josh Carter and Micah Downs will likely get minutes at the small forward and the back court will feature Zabian Dowdell and Goran Dragic.  The minutes will come at the expense of Kaspars Brezin and Jiri Hubalek who aren't close to making the Suns roster. 

The team obviously isn't thrilled with Dragic's performance so far while there is still no question about his talent.  The young point guard is still adjusting from playing since the age of 15 in the most disciplined system in Europe where his every move on the court was controlled.  Mostly though, the Suns want to see more aggressiveness and confidence from him.  Dragic was a top ten point guard in the NBA statistically over the last month of the season and none of the competition out here should be close to his level. The Suns want him to play that way in Friday's game.

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