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Suns Fans Introduce Yourselves!

Suns fans, it's time for us to grow together as a community. I want to introduce myself and I want to get to know all of you too (we can spare our personal lives here), let's keep it Suns related. It's Friday, no one's working anyway, so join me, let's see how many responses we can get. Here it goes:

Hello, my name is Wil and I'm a hopeless Phoenix Suns fan. I was born in Scottsdale and have lived nearly all of my life in Arizona. Ever since I knew what a basketball was I have been a Suns fan. I WILL NOT and CAN NOT jump off the bandwagon, ever.

When I was in 6th grade and Dr. J was doing his farewell tour through the league, a friend of the family was able to get me a press pass which allowed me to sit on the baseline under the hoop for the whole game. It was a huge thrill to watch a game so close up (I often got up to retrieve a dead ball and pass it back into a player. And I saw myself on the news that night!). The highlight of that experience was before the game, as Julius was getting his free set of Pings and a rocking chair, I was taking pictures with my Kodak Disc camera. Maurice Cheeks walked over, snatched my camera and took a few shots of his own. Awesome experience.

Favorite Suns Game Moment: Barkely dropping the J over David Robinson to take out the Spurs in 6 and advance to the Western Conference Finals in 1993.  

Worst, Heartbreaking Suns Moment: Stupid John Packson...You all know the rest.

Favorite Suns Player of All Time:  Stevie Nash! He's like me, undersized, but a relentless competitor (with a bad back like me too!)

Secret Suns Related Factoid I'm Not Real Proud of: I own no Suns gear at all. I'm sorry, I just can't get into the colors or logos or anything. Not sure why. My kid has a Marion jersey which a friend gave him.

OK, who's next?

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