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GameDay Open Thread: Summer Suns vs. D-League Select

Tonight the Summer Suns (1-1) square off against the undefeated D-League Select squad (2-0).  Of particular note today will be the point play of both second year guard Goran Dragic and unsigned free agent Zabian Dowdell, for entirely different reasons.  

Expectations are high for Dragic coming off a shaky if effective performance Wednesday against the Raptors.  It's important to note that while his execution was solid on Wednesday, he looked terrible in the process.  Zabian Dowdell on the other hand has looked confident but not terribly flashy in his minutes for the Summer Suns.  With the team indicating they might fill the 13th roster spot with another point guard and David Thorpe calling Dowdell one of the best point guards in the Summer League, Phoenix Stan and I will be paying particular attention to his game.

Also, it will be my first look at the D-League Select Players, so I'll be sharing my thoughts on that as well.  

Got anything you want us to check out for you?  Let Phoenix Stan and I know in the comments and we'll do our best.

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