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New Rule: No wild and crazy trade ideas without...

For weeks now I've watched in horror awe as our Fan Posts have turned into a steady stream one wild trade idea after another.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for throwing out trade ideas. I've been known to bounce a few off the walls myself but seriously folks, I don't think the Cavs are going to trade LeBron James for Lou Amundson as much as you might think Lou looks like Drew Carry and therefor would be a fan favorite in Cleveland. So...

New Rule - No Trade Ideas Without a Little Footwork

If you are going to throw something against the wall it must contain some basic elements to at least show you've put serious thought into it. Your trade idea post must include the following:

  • Benefits to both teams on the court and in other ways as applicable
  • Analysis of the financial impact to both side showing that the deal is at least plausible under the rules of the CBA

See, that's not too much to ask for is it? Put a little thought into it and if you come up with something interesting and plausible people will discuss the merits. If you are are just throwing out random thoughts please first visit your dog or cat to get their reaction before sharing with us.

Trade ideas that don't meet this highly rigid and Orwellian standard are subject to destruction.


The Depart of Free Speech is a Right Only Guaranteed by the Government and We are Not the Government

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