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Know Your Audience; Know Rick Robey

It's getting kind of slow in NBA news and I was wondering what type of basement-dwelling-blog-readers/writers we have here. I had this idea in my Guinness-induced-Joycean-stream-of-consciousness kind of way (oddly enough, my thoughts came without any of life's anesthetic, so it's either due to age or the lack of the aforementioned anesthetic).

Who remembers Rick Robey? Take the poll and let me know. Keep in mind that "remember" and "know about" are two different things. Please be specific. Take the poll without doing any internets sluething, please.

For those of you who do remember, please feel free to reiminisce in the comments section. I'll probably do some sort of follow-up based on the responses (although, I may have to visit Seamus' to figure out what's next).

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