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Daily Links: All star linkage

I am no fan of all star games. I love the all star process and the honor and hoopla of it all but the games themselves are a bore. No defense and rarely any hard play turns these things into layup fests.

Today's WNBA ASG was no exception and in that way it was just like the NBA ASG. Neither of which I could stand to watch all the way through. The problem with today's WBNA ASG was that it was one of a few games that league has televised on national TV. I just hope fans tuning into the W for the first time didn't think that was an example of the women's sport at its finest. Best players, yes. Best game, not even close. Hopefully, even the casual fan will understand that.

Can't we just skip the game and hold a couple of shooting or skills competitions and a big party and call it done?