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Top 5 Most Despised in the West (New & Improved With a Poll!)

So I am attempting to slowly chill out on a Sunday night. I'm reading a book, looking at some of my tweets or twits or twids or whatever they're called, and I see something about Drew Gooden signing with the Mavs. And this got me thinking how it appears that Dallas is loading up, ready to make a real run at the Lakers next year. Then I got to thinking how much I don't like the Mavericks, how they are a big rival for me and my beloved Suns, and how I hate to lose to them. But then I realized how much I hate to lose to the Spurs, but especially how much I hate losing to the Lakers-the Phil Jackson led Lakers. I then realized that there are a lot of teams to despise in the West, but I am in flux. Which team should I despise the most? It's easy to dislike Mark Cuban, anything L.A., the Spurs (or anything related to Robert Horry), yet it's also pretty easy to dislike a Don Nelson led team-even though watching him get pissed off and tossed from a game is great fun to watch!

So, I'm coming out with My Top 5 Most Despised in the West list. Feel free to let out a little anger and disgust, you may sleep better:

1. Lakers-Phil Jackson, L.A. and those phony fans. I find it hard to despise any one worse than these guys.

2. Mavericks-The Joe Johnson thing still remains, yet more importantly, Mark Cuban is a total schmuck.

3. Spurs-two words-Robert Horry.

4. Denver-I used to like George Karl for some reason. Now I don't. Probably because his squad (save Billups) is full of thugs and punks like J.R. Smith, NoNo or whatever he calls himself, KMART (is he still a Nugget?), and the Bird.

5. Utah-Maybe i should be thinking that I like the way Jerry Sloan coaches or how he maximizes the most from his team or how the fans are so devoted or something. But all I can think of is Stockton to Malone, and that used to anger me. And then it was that Ostertag sloth. He always annoyed me. OK, maybe it is Jerry Sloan. Ah, I just hate losing to the Jazz.

Who you got? Feel free to let loose with some unjustifiable anger. No one will judge you.

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