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Daily Links: Don't drink and link or Where the MLE gets you Polish Hammered

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Sorry, I couldn't decide on a which title I liked better so I used both...

Link o'2am driving too fast in multiple lanes gets you pulled over and your blood drawn

Phoenix Mercury's Taurasi gets DUI citation

Is this the event that finally vaults Diana into the pantheon on great Arizona sports figures: Charles Barkley, Jason Richardson, Cliff Robinson, et al?

Suns (not much to see here...move along)

NBA Free Agency, etc

Note that both Gortat and Ariza seem to have been had for the MLE. Those seem to be reasonable contracts to me unlike Ben Gordon's overblown deal (5yrs / $60m) or the rumored $5yr/$60m that Toronto might throw at Hedo...Remember when Gordon was looking foolish for turning down $50m from the Bulls and then he hit a few shots in helping his team lose in the first round and now he's getting $60m? Good to know that sanity hasn't completely taken over the NBA...and of course there's the Grizzlies taking on 2yrs and $33m of Zach Randolph to be the "veteran presense" on that otherwise young and interesting team.


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