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Ode to Shawn Marion

Shawn Marion, don't turn your back on Phoenix!
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Shawn Marion, don't turn your back on Phoenix! via

Why do we love you so much, Shawn

Is it your massive throw down alley-oop jams that raise the roof off your house on Jefferson

It is not your lock down perimeter defense against anyone from Chris Paul to Dirk Nowitzki

Your lovable smile and always friendly attitude surely made some friends

But mostly Shawn, we love you because YOU PLAYED HARD EVERY GAME!!!

Is it too much to ask players making huge bank to put everything aside when they step on the court

To forget about their contract squabbles and just flat out ball

For most the answer is yes

For The Matrix the answer is NEVER

Come back to Phoenix, Shawn and cement your place in the Ring of Honor

Finish your career where it started and you will be THE MAN

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