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Daily Links: Old rumors die hard

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  • Rethinking Basketball
    What the Mercury did to the Sparks during that stretch was not just Mercury basketball at its best, but it was an almost perfect realization of what a fast paced offense should be. All the elements of what it takes to run successfully were on display: defense (to prevent the other team from making shots), rebounding (to initiate the fast break), and high percentage shots (to keep the pressure on the opposing defense).- Great recap of a great game. I went back and watched this stretch and was equally impressed. The zone defense was very effective and VERY active and Bonner was just a dervish on the glass. She is a ton of fun to watch
  • Tammy Sutton-Brown and Cappie Pondexter Named WNBA Players of the Week
    Oh, yes. Cappie is that good

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