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Steve Kerr denies Golden State "backed out" of an agreement

Phoenix Suns General Manager Steve Kerr was on Sports 620 KTAR's Doug and Wolf show this morning.

Here's the highlights:

  • On draft night the big roar when the Timberwolves picked Flynn was just surprise on the part of the Suns peeps who didn't expect Flynn to be taken (we've heard this story before...still doesn't ring true but who knows)
  • Kerr said he was surprised by stories that Golden State backed out of a deal (stories like this one).
  • Kerr said, "That's not true at all. We had discussed a deal but it was not anything that was set in stone and we continued conversations. They (Golden State) were really happy that Curry dropped to 7th and nothing's changed from that point on."
  • Kerr confirmed that the Suns would be "very interested" in Shawn Marion. Yippie!!!
  • He did say that Shawn is in a position to make more money then the Suns can spend so it comes down to making the finances work
  • Kerr said Marion was a great player for the Suns and he has good years left in him
  • Kerr said the Suns are "one year out" from having financial flexibility which is interesting since he also once again said the Suns were trying to extend Nash. Aside from Wallace's expiring contract the only other big salary space is from Amare. Of course, $14m for Wallace off the books is a lot
  • As for plans moving forward, Kerr said that the Suns are a playoff team with the young players plus a healthy Nash and good big in the free agent market. No mention of Amare
  • Kerr said Pavlovic's contract is valuable and could be moved
  • Kerr's had talks with Wallace and his agent but so far no indication if he's going to retire or play
  • Neither guy (Wallace or Sasha) will be a huge part of the team and both or either could be moved


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