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Daily Links: Fiscal sanity returns to the NBA

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Salary Cap Set At $57.7 Million - Basketball News & NBA Rumors - HOOPSWORLD
The salary cap for the 2009-10 season has been set at $57.7 million, almost a full million less than 2008-09 and the luxury tax line which impacts even more teams is $69.9 which is also down about $1m.

This is pretty big news and even more so is word from Eric Pinus at Hoopsworld that next year the Lux Tax could drop to between $61m and $65m! That is a huge drop and will have a big impact on what teams do this summer. We've already seen guys like Rasheed Wallace and Shawn Marion go from huge contracts to around the MLE and even some of the top free agents signed for much less then they would have even last year.

With the luxury tax projected to drop another $5m to $8m next year, there are going to be very few teams looking to add long term deals. Guys like Brandon Bass and Paul Milsap will feel this impact.

It is hard to evaluate exactly where the Suns are right now given all the flux in the roster but with Shaq gone the Suns went from a projected salary of over $80m to around $73m (without Grant Hill and assuming Pavlovic is waived and Wallace gets his full $14m).

As has been the case for some time, the big question for the Suns salary situation right now is Ben Wallace. A buyout of $10m would save the Suns quite a bit of money given their current situation.

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