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Shawn Marion to Dallas: The Grizzlies are Nuts

That title was actually "The Grizzlies Suck" but I was afraid of what having "suck" in the title was going to do to our search engine profile. Meanwhile, the Grizzlies SUCK!

Before we get into Marion not coming home to Phoenix let's just recap what the Grizzlies have done this summer:

  • They start the off season with a ton of cap space. Like $27m off it. Do they use all that salary flexibility they have been saving up since dumping Gasol to the Lakers and changing the balance of power in the entire NBA to go sign a good free agent? No. They don't go after Gortat. They don't go after Ariza or Artest. They ignore several decent free agent point guards that could help their team...instead this is what the Grizzlies do
  • They trade the expiring contract ($8.7m) of the still productive Quentin Richardson to the LA Clippers who must be estatic that they've not only freed up their log jam in the front court but managed to dump the locker room killing black hole known as Zach Randolph and his $33m contract because Zach Randolph is exactly what any young team trying to build needs
  • This after they waste the number 2 pick in the draft on Hasheem Thabeet who has every opportunity to join a very long line of over hyped big men that never amount to anything. Couldn't they have just sign Mohamed Sene and drafted any one of 43 point guards?
  • To top it off the Grizzlies help a WESTERN CONFERENCE OPPONENT get better by facilitating a deal between Dallas and Toronto. What do the Grizzlies get out of it? The opportunity to waive Jerry Stackhouse and perhaps make $1m in cash. I realize the Grizzlies suck but they do understand they are in theory a professional basketball team playing in the same conference as the Mavericks. Right? Apparently not.
  • So screw you Grizzlies. I don't care if OJ Mayo is a nice young player and Marc Gasol turned out out to be a decent replacement for his brother. You are now my least favorite team. Ever.

On to the deal that will deprive me and millions and billions of basketball fans the oppotunity to reunite Shawn Marion with Steve Nash.

Shawn gets a pretty hefty $40m / 5yr deal from Mark Cuban. We can't blame Shawn for choosing that over the paltry $10m or $12m the Suns were going to be able to offer. And to top it all off it appears that Dallas with its $94m payroll last year will be saving money! You can just go ahead and shoot me now.

So long Shawn. We didn't really think we had a chance to bring you home but it was fun while it lasted. Enjoy Dallas where you can play with the aging Jason Kidd and you won't be asked to shut down Dirk anymore except maybe in practice. We'll just be here in the desert roasting in the sun waiting to see what happens next to our team who's owner is parched for cash while you bath in Mark Cubans money filled hot tub.

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