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Welcome Wil Cantrell

We interrupt your day of Suns hand wringing and Kerr/Sarver hate fest and/or your Mercury devotion and overall pleasure at their season so far to introduce the newest featured writer on Bright Side of the Sun.

Welcome Wil Cantrell!

Will - formerly known as RD74 - is a long time member and commenter with over 1000 posts on this site. Since contacting me recently with his desire to take a more active role he's written some really good stuff and I look forward to hearing from him more frequently now.

All of our outstanding group of featured writers (listed on the masthead below) contribute greatly of their time and talent to making Bright Side of the Sun what it is. Thank you gentlemen and keep up the good work!

Wil can now use his newly anointed front page powers to introduce himself and his connection to the Suns more thoroughly (should he so choose).

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