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Shawn Marion talks to Phoenix fans about going to Dallas

Shawn Marion joined the Gambo and Ash show on Sports 620 KTAR just moments ago...

Trix doesn't think that the Suns really were interested in him and said that he never heard from the Suns. Ugh ... He talked about going to Dallas and looking forward to playing with the Mavs and playing with Jason Kidd.

He feels sorry for Suns fans ... he doesn't know what's going on here in Phoenix -- a sad look at how this team is viewed.

Shawn did what he needed to do and I wish him all the best in Dallas. It's a shame he couldn't finish his career here, but that was always a long shot.

Be sure to send Shawn your thoughts and best wishes as a Mav at: @matrix31

Shawn definitely is feeling your twitter love



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