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Fed up with Suns inaccuracies

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You know I read these things and sometimes they just piss me off...let's clear up a few things:

  1. Pavlovic won't be on the Suns roster so why even compare his production to Shaq? That just tells me you don't really understand what's going on with the Suns
  2. I have no idea what Kerr told this guy about Shaq but he told everyone else something different
  3. At what point do the Suns stop getting called cheap while the other 23 teams not paying the lux tax don't get that label? And by the way the Suns will be over the lux tax line again this season while the Spurs will be for the first time in a very long time
  4. The Suns season last year was sunk by the Porter hire and Amare's injury. Injuries happen. Porter is gone. The Suns may or may not be better this season than last but it they are long way from being "significantly" worse
  5. The difference between Shaq coming back and what the Suns did is $7.6m in payroll which in real dollars is $15,2m. I am NOT going to fault the Suns for choosing to save $15.2m when it was clear that the team was not a title contender if Shaq had stayed. That's not being competitive. That's financial folly

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