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Late Summer Boredom Part 2: Your 2009-10 Suns Predictions

So let's hear it:

  • What place do the Suns end up in the Pacific?
  • What do you think their record will be?
  • Playoffs? If so, how far do we go?
  • Break out players
  • Biggest surprise of the season

Here I go:

  • Suns finish second in the Pacific
  • Record: 50-32,
  • 6th Seed, Make the playoffs, out in first round
  • Break out players: J-Rich (20 ppg, 4 Ast, 5 RB, 45% 3's, Western Conference All Star, Dragic as backup PG, 10 ppg, 5 Ast, STAT comes back from injuries, plays 78 games, 23 PPG, 10 RPG, 1st team All NBA
  • Biggest Surprise: No significant injuries-Channing Frye is go to guy when STAT Sun Tzu gets into foul trouble, and feeling comfortable, has the best season of his career. Lou Amundson receives written apology from Nene, Kerr makes no (zero) bad trades, Sarver does not show up at a home game with the big foam number one finger.

What do you all think?

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