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Mercury vs Sun post game noise

The Phoenix Mercury used a team effort to get by the Connecticut Sun. August 29, 2009. Photo by Max Simbron
The Phoenix Mercury used a team effort to get by the Connecticut Sun. August 29, 2009. Photo by Max Simbron

Thinking more about this game and looking over the box scores and what not, there's really not anything else I have to say that wasn't covered in the game thread. It was one of those games. The Mercury are the more talented team and were expected to win and they did. It was impressive how balanced the attack was on a night when the shots weren't falling easily and it was a game where the defense really stepped it up for a couple of key stretches.

In fact, the Sun went scoreless for the final 3:25 of the game as the Mercury turned 3 point lead into an 11 point victory with an 8-0 run to close the game(did you follow all those numbers? good.)

The Sun are a decent team but like many of the second tier they don't have the depth that Phoenix and LA and a healthy Seattle posses. To make matters worse they were missing one of their better players, Asjha Jones along with Erin Phillips.

The Mercury seem to have righted the ship and are working their way into playoff form. These teams hoovering around .500 really shouldn't pose a threat and yet at the same time they all have a couple of really good players. For the Sun of course the big name is Lindsay Whalen who can flat out ball.

While I didn't see the same level of thug edge that Mr. B Shoals commented on, this entire Connecticut team does seem to mirror their coaches orneriness. Or perhaps they were just really pissed about getting run out of their own building when these two teams met a few weeks ago.

There were some interesting post game comments that you hard corp fans might enjoy so here's all the locker room audio which includes:

  • Reactions from Coach Gaines, Diana and Cappie on news that Lauren Jackson has a stress fracture in her lower back and is out indefinitely. Tough loss. I can't remember ever hearing of an athlete with stress fracture in their back. That can't be good...
  • Cappie talking about her latest hair design which he said was spur of the moment. "I don't know what it is. Me don't know but I like". Speaking of edge...or something
  • Coach Gaines was mysterious about his reason for not playing Cappie and Tuarasi together as much as normal. Because Cappie was having an awful shooting night? To free up some minutes for some of his other players? To test rotations and combinations going into the playoffs? To give them a bit of extra rest? idk
  • Diana Taurasi talked about Latvian "rookie" Anete Jekabsone-Zagota who had a WNBA career high 23 points, many of which came matched up against Tuarasi. Maybe DT was going in easy on her since they are going to be teammates this winter in Moscow. Diana called her one of best shooting guards in the world
  • Diana talked about her DUI legal situation. She said it would likely be postponed again and would be "handled after the season"
  • Nicole Ohlde talking about her increased role and the impact she's having on the team. She's trying to be more aggressive in the paint, rebounding and defensively. She said she doesn't have to worry about scoring with this team. Nicole had 9 points (3-4 shooting) with 6 rebounds in only 17 minutes
  • I still think she's been a difference maker on the defensive end in the last two games. Her size in the paint changes the complexion of the game and when paired with Bonner the Merc are both big, mobile and either can finish. It's dangerous combination for other teams to deal with and that's coming off the bench

Post game audio...




Speaking of retro hair...

Cappie's Grace Jones look Grant's sporting a retro Grant Hill fade



WNBA: Connecticut Sun at Phoenix Mercury 082909 - Images by Max Simbron

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