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Goran Dragic and the Suns Media Day

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Highlights from Slovenian phenom and future hall of fame Nash replacement Goran Dragic! (too much hype?)

h/t to Mr Coro

Goran was in street clothes today at the Suns practice facility (sponsored by some company who isn't paying me to publish their name). I was in hurry and didn't get a chance to chat with him but I am looking forward to catching up with our young prospect at some point this week and if not then certainly next Monday at the big media day scrum.

Oh, and Amare almost ran me over as I was exiting the door to said un-named practice facility. Say what you want about his defense on the court, he stopped me cold.

As for media day next week, I am VERY MUCH looking for your thoughts and ideas on what questions you want to see asked and answered.

And please leave the goofy stuff to Zona Flash. I really am interested to hear what legitimate questions you have for the team. Leave your questions in the comments below or email me directly.

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