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Sir Goran Dragic and the great battle...

For the past year, our noble King Stan has championed for Sir Goran Dragic - a noble knight that was brought to our land from another world. This young knight brought with him hope, a hope for a brighter future once our beloved Steve the Great leaves the kingdom after having fought his final battle. Sir Goran came to our land amidst much fan fare and with great expectations.

However, not everyone in the kingdom saw the same attributes in the young knight that caused the noble King to hope. Rumblings were heard throughout the kingdom. At first, these rumblings were small…nothing more than the bitter regrets often heard on the lips of old men after much drink. Slowly, the rumblings began to grow louder until they reached a point where it was necessary for somebody to stand up to the great king. But who? Nobody dare stand up to His Highness lest they should be banished from the great kingdom and forced to fend for themselves in the coldest and darkest regions of great Empire of the Internet. As time passed the calls for opposition to the King reached a point where finally, a lowly peasant known only as the Dog of Watt stood up and declared aloud his opposition.

The line was drawn as both sides declared their positions. The Great King pleaded for patience, “I pray you, give our young Champion time and he shall prove to be the chosen hero prophesied by the great Mystics.” The Dog of Watt retorted “Enough time has passed old man! The young knight must go for surely a better option shall present itself to us.” The clash was so great and terrible that all within the kingdom were forced to choose sides. Just as the kingdom was about to be torn in half, it was decided that enough blood had been shed and that surely a peaceful arrangement could be reached. King Stan met with the peasant and negotiated for the space of many hours. Finally, an agreement treaty agreement was reached and terms set forth. Continue reading and then choose your side.

The terms of the treaty agreement are as follows:

Article I: Sir Goran Dragic must average over 10 minutes each battle as the military captain (PG) during the latter third of this the year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Ten.

Article II: The army must be on the verge of conquering all foes (in the playoff hunt).

Article III: Should Sir Goran Dragic prove to be a worthy military captain, the Great King Stan shall be proclaimed the victor but in the event that Sir Goran Dragic is unable to prove himself, the Dog of Watt will stand victorious.

Article IV: Should the army be unable to prove itself a worthy conquerer in Stern’s empire, the wager shall become void.

The prize to be won:

Article I: The loser of the wager must admit defeat and NEVER mention the name of Sir Goran Dragic in the great kingdom again…punishable by death!

It is said that the biggest of men are those who stick to their principles when push comes to shove while being able to admit their mistakes when they are wrong. The time is now, who will come out victorious and who will have to come to grips with his mistake. What say you?

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