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Phoenix Suns 2009/10 Media Day: Open Thread

Myself and Wil Cantrell will be at media day which starts in a few hours.

Generally, how this will go is the "big names" will each do a stand up press conference type Q&A and the coach as well. Maybe Kerr. The "rotation" players will also be available as they rotate through a few stations set up on the practice floor getting their official team photo's taken and what not.

I am fairly sure that will stream it live and if anything interesting happens (like Taylor Griffin singing karaoke) we will add it to this thread.

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 09/28/09 2:38 PM MST ]

Just getting back now. Wil and I have a ton of interviews with pretty much everyone. I can't say there was anything earth shattering except maybe Nash's hair is looking like it is back to 2004-06 length while Robin's is looking a bit tighter.

  • Goran says his knee isn't hurting him and he's good to go for straight line but has not yet tested it for lateral movement. The coaching staff expects him to be ready for training camp though.
  • Robin actually seemed to be more relaxed then I saw him last year. He definitely seems more confident
  • Alando Tucker loves the Mercury and thinks they will win it all.
  • Channing Frye is a funny dude but seriously is looking to make an impact on the court which is why he came to Phoenix. All signs are he will be starting and Steve Kerr thinks he's going to get a ton of 3's in the Suns system.
  • Amare talked and said pretty much the same thing he's been saying for the past few weeks about coming back strong, etc.
  • The team in general is very upbeat and positive and looking forward to the season. Of course, at this time last year they were saying the same thing but I do think that without the turmoil of the system change and the divided locker room leadership that the Suns will at least not underachieve which they clearly did in 08/09.

Lot more to come from media day. Check back later...

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