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The new NBA page collects the best news from all over the world and delivers it instantly and with the pithy insight you've come to expect from this great network.
The new NBA page collects the best news from all over the world and delivers it instantly and with the pithy insight you've come to expect from this great network.

Whatever your home page is now, go and change it.

The new has revolutionized not only sports media but the entire way information is gathered, analyzed, discussed and presented. This is like nothing you've seen before and will change the way you get your sports information. Simply put, this is an innovative approach to news gathering and anlysis. 

Here's the main principles of the new site that explain why:

Be Timely:  We'll update you with major news as soon as it breaks and link you directly to the source.  It's our pledge to be the most timely resource on the web for national sports news.  The sports news cycle is constant.  We are covering the waterfront, sifting through the river of sports info on the web (and there's a lot of it) to make sure we point you to the best and do so in real-time.  Be prepared for frequent updates.

Be Open:  We'll deliver the most relevant news and opinion no matter where it is: major sites, local sites, twitter streams, video clips, national blogs and of course, our own network of sites.  While you'll see our communities play a prominent role on, we're not stopping there.  Just like our blogs, we will integrate valuable insights from wherever they occur.  Journalists and bloggers can submit their stories with a click; readers can contribute their opinions to the conversation.

Be Real:  We won't parrot the agenda or language of the sports establishment.  Our focus is the stories and conversations that fans care about, even if those topics aren't always on primetime TV.  We'll wrap the news with context, opinion, analysis and, on good days, some wit.

Be Social:  The foundation of our network is enabling and encouraging high quality fan conversations.  Go to one of our communities and you'll see robust contributions.  In fact, just yesterday we passed the 20 million mark.  However, more important than the quantity is the quality.  Our editors will be active in their communities, ensuring that people are talking to one another, not just shouting past each other.

The site features two primary areas of content. 

First, we're introducing an innovative new editorial device called a StoryStream.  StoryStreams are designed to harness the vast flow of information on the web and empower fans with the most relevant links and narrative for all the national sports stories that matter.  You'll notice on most every story a number of updates.  "+6 Updates" for instance means that story has been updated 6 times since we posted it.  In effect, a StoryStream is its own blog about a given national sports story.  Every StoryStream has its own editor on our staff who is accountable for their stream (think DJ for the story), although there may be several contributors from around the web.

Second is the "From Our Editors" section where our staff will be giving their quick takes on the sports news day.  Consider it our microblog.  We've hired some of the best voices in the national sports blogosphere like Chris Mottram, Eamonn Brennan, Jon Bois and Spencer Hall, in addition to leveraging many of our SB Nation team bloggers like Peter Bean, Brent Brookhouse and Dave Halprin.

All the content from and our network of sites is easily retrievable via the site search we've built.  In addition we're providing some basic sports info like scores and stats.


I've been part of this network for about three years now and am going on my second year running Bright Side of the Sun. From the beginning I believed in the vision of this company, the power of the network and the incredible talent of the people making the decisions. The launch of this new sports media portal is a huge step forward but I can tell you, this is just the beginning.

Check it out!

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