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Daily Links: The Rumor Mill is Winding Up

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We want to extend our sympathies to the people of Haiti.

I would encourage everyone to find a way to help out our neighbors through this devastating disaster. At some point we might endorse a particular organization but for now, either give somewhere you are comfortable with and at least send your thoughts and prayers.

I am fairly sure that the vast majority of rumors that get spread are coming from the marketing people in David Stern's office. They clearly understand that the rumor gossip game is good for business and we here at Bright Side of the Suns are all about doing good business.

So, with that in mind we created the Rumor Tracking Page at the beginning of the season with a Rumor Counter in the left side bar. As of today we are up to 5 Suns-related rumors. I expect that number to grow exponentially over the next 5 weeks as we rapidly approach the NBA Trade Deadline (Feb 19).

Check back often and drop us a line if there's any rumors we are missing. Suns rumors only and by rumors we are talking about something someone claimed someone else said and not simply someone's idea for a trade.

Today's rumors are:

Kings' Martin could return Friday - Sacramento Sports - Kings, 49ers, Raiders, High School Sports | Sacramento Bee
Executives around the league will be watching closely, with many teams hoping to land Martin by the February trade deadline should the Kings make him available. League sources indicate Houston, Toronto, Cleveland, Phoenix and Dallas are among those keeping watch. The Kings, who are believed to be looking for a significant frontcourt addition, have given no indication they intend to move Martin. Petrie said he has no reason to believe the Evans-Martin combination won't work.


Miami Heat's top choice is LeBron, but team won't risk wait - Sports Buzz -
a source close to the Heat said. ``They will pursue more than one guy. James is their top choice, but if they get a yes from Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire, I'd be shocked if they told either to hold on so they can wait on LeBron''

The Martin thing doesn't make too much sense to me. The Suns are loaded at the 2 guard and the Kings are looking for bigs. There's no reason for the Kings to take Richardson back (and I refuse to believe he's on the block for reasons I detailed here) and sending Amare to the Kings makes so little sense for them mainly because he's unlikely to want to stay there.

While the Suns front office might be watching to see how K-Mart and Evans work together, I am guessing it is out of the same kind of general curiosity we all have but with slightly more professional interest as it impacts the league in many ways.

As for Miami being interested in Amare (potentially) this makes a lot more sense. I still maintain that Amare to Miami is the most doable deal for all parties involved when it comes to finding Amare a new home. Here's why:

  • He would likely stay there being that he's from Florida and it's Miami
  • He would want to play with Wade and think that the two of them could win a ring. He'd be wrong (without many other players) but I could see Amare believing that
  • As the article states, the Heat need to do something to keep Wade from bolting
  • The Heat have pieces the Suns could be interested in starting with Beasley and then some salary filler, expiring contracts and hopefully a draft pick

I would be shocked if we don't hear more Amare to Miami rumors in the coming weeks. It makes too much sense for both teams for discussions not to take place and where there's discussions, Stern's marketing people will be there to ensure we are soaking it up like the latest Chris Brown / Rhianna drama.

Lets face it, NBA trade rumors are really no different than celebrity gossip. We know that 90% of is silly but we can't turn away.

Coro does a good job outlining the Suns recent struggles with blown leads. I posted the audio and video of Gentry's media Q&A yesterday. Check out that if you want to hear more of what he had to say.

Suns, who face Pacers next, still fighting collapses
four times in a row in mid-December, the Suns have led by 20, 18, 13 and 24 in the past four games, only to allow three of those opponents take a lead and the other to tie. They survived their self-inflicted wounds to win three of those four games but everyone is fed up with how vulnerable the Suns are to comebacks.

  • Hypothetically, the D-League is, roughly, the 28th best team in the NBA. - Ridiculous Upside
    As we've pointed out in the past two days (here and here), the talent doesn't necessarily run extremely deep in the D-League. Still, I wouldn't be scared to match-up a ten man roster of the top players in the D-League (D-League rosters run 10 deep, FYI) with Prada's "Dregs" of the NBA (New Jersey, Minnesota, Detroit). Personally, I might even match-up them up with Indiana and Washington, believing that a seven game series would go at least six deep.
  • NBA Insider: Suns' Nash seems to be turning back the clock -
    "A lot of it with Steve is his conditioning and what he does in the offseason. He keeps himself in such great shape," Suns general manager Steve Kerr says. "He's able to control the game, dribble as much as he does and run as much as he does and still have the strength and the balance to make shots."

  • Heat Bans Gambling, Fun On Flights - SB Nation
    What’s the point of even having NBA players if they’re not going to gamble high stakes money on strange card games with rules that nobody understands? Are we banning rampant infidelity next? Cancelling All-Star Weekend?
  • Earthquake In Haiti: How You Can Help - SB Nation
    Through Samuel Dalembert's charity foundation, he's been an agent of change in Haiti since entering the NBA. But now, as initial reports count the death toll in the hundreds of thousands, his impoverished nation needs him more than ever.

  • Suns Get Away Game Almost "Gets Away" From Suns | Phoenix Suns News
    A familiar face, Kurt Thomas, joined the game in the fourth, and once again proved Sarver and Kerr fools for trading him. He played tough interior defense on Stoudemire, hit timely jump shots, and grabbed rebounds. If only we had retained his services for the 2007 playoffs…
  • Haiti Earthquake: Twitter Pictures Sweep Across the Web [PHOTOS]
    An outpouring of well wishes and support for the Haitian people has swept the web in the wake of a devastating 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. And just like during the Eureka earthquake, tweets have quickly spread moving and gut-wrenching TwitPics of the disaster.

  • BLOG NIGHT AT THE SUNS. Group Ticket Discount - Bright Side Of The Sun
    We've got an extension but so far the response is dismal. If we don't reach the 50 ticket mark we won't get the early entry. The discount will still apply for any tickets sold of course. Please buy your tickets if you are planning on coming and PLEASE feel free to refer this offer to anyone, anywhere. Thanks. Your Friendly Ticket Pusher

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