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Phoenix Suns Daily Links: Putting the Hummingbird Back in the Bag

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This is probably the last time we've seen Gilbert and Steve go at it. (Photo by Max Simbron)
This is probably the last time we've seen Gilbert and Steve go at it. (Photo by Max Simbron)

Links from all over the map today which is befitting what Paul Coro describes as an identity crisis.

Suns facing an identity crisis
The Suns hardly look like the team that began the season 14-3 but are they as inconsistent as the 10-12 record since then suggests?

Maybe "crisis" is too strong of a word but there's certainly enough going wrong to be very concerned. The Suns as Alvin Gentry points out, are only 3 games out of 2nd place in the West and only 3 games ahead of 12th place. The margin for error is getting more and more slim (or is it getting slimmer? idk).

The question raised by the "identity crisis" article and from Gentry and Kerr's recent remarks are more troubling and have the potential to derail the entire season.

The issue (maybe) is that Gentry and Kerr are stressing the need for the team to focus on defense which makes total sense. When you have a big lead you protect it on the defensive end. But Nash, as we saw last year, is resistant to the team taking too much of a turn towards that direction and thinks the Suns should keep doing what they were doing that built the lead in the first place. Play hard, stay in rhythm and score.

Gentry has said that he's using Clark because of his defensive abilities (and he wants him to be more selective with his shot) and thinks that he's probably gone away from Robin Lopez too much and maybe even Goran and Jared.

How is Nash going to feel playing with guys that can't score the ball in a system that is slower and more focused on getting stops? We know the answer to that question. We saw it last season.

Hopefully, this will all work itself out. The Suns will still "be the Suns" but obviously are also going to try and mix in more of a defensive lineup and style of play. That change might solve "The Situation" or it could lead to other, deeper riffs in the vaunted team chemistry.

Stay tuned (insert dramatic music here). Defense

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