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Game Thread: Suns vs Bulls

Final - 1.22.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
Chicago Bulls 35 29 24 27 115
Phoenix Suns 26 28 29 21 104

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Coaches Notes:

  • Vinny Del Negro looked a little older than I remember - he said Salmons lost some weight from his bout w/ the flu and probably won't have a lot of energy but will play and have his minutes monitored. Kirk Hinrich will play
  • Gentry said that Robin was doing well but once again reminded us (and you) that he will have peaks and valleys and that we shouldn't get down on him if he has a bad game. But in the mean time he was inserted for his defensive presence and his offense has been a bonus
  • The Suns don't really run plays for guys and haven't for Robin. Gentry said he's gotten open by setting good screens which in this system results in you getting open
  • Talking about Noah, he said he runs the floor as well as any big in the league so the Suns have to get back on him to prevent easy transition buckets
  • Gentry said that he occasionally exchanges text messages with VDN who he said was doing a great job. Gentry said his team is playing hard for him
  • Coach also said that he's done with tweeting. He did it because his daughter asked him to...because he loves her
  • Gentry seems to be a bit...tired. Not his usual peppy self. Not sure why

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